Our research

Passionate about making an impact through AI.

Our goal is to identify the challenges and opportunities of building AI systems that would make a positive impact in the world.

Current Projects

Responsible AI at Scale

This research aims to identify the challenges and opportunities of building responsible AI systems that can be deployed at scale for truthful, fair, and equitable use.

More specifically, investigating the answers to the following research questions is of interest:

  • How to build AI systems that are representative of the real world and free from bias?
  • How to ensure that AI systems present diverse perspectives and offer true facts?
  • How to mitigate the risks of AI-powered manipulation and abuse
  • Detecting and mitigating risk and biases in AI at scale?
  • How to develop ethical guidelines for the development and use of responsible AI at the organization and national level?

Music and Young Minds

Music has been known to impact our lives in many ways — bringing people together, improving health and well-being, creative outlets, etc. Most importantly, music impacts our emotions and brains.

The impact is more crucial when it comes to young minds — children and adolescents. The amount of time children and adolescents spend listening to music in its various forms has continued to increase over the years. This project aims to highlight ways to automatically detect “appropriateness” of music content.


Machine versus User Generated Content (MUGC) aims to build algorithm(s) that would automatically detect machine-generated content. The goal is three folds: first, identification of machine-generated content; second, flag it for its appropriateness; and third, test its capabilities and functionality at scale (e.g. handling diverse content, adaptability, computation cost, etc).